Electrical engineer

Electrical engineer

ELECTRICAL ENGINEER – (Power Line Construction, Electrical Network)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Write specifications for Electrical Network studies
  • Conduct\supervise Mongolian feasibility studies to assess the technical viability of power line construction projects to site
  • Design, plan and cost estimation of internal electrical network for the future project
  • Participate in eco-design studies. Make detailed consumption reports. Propose measures to reduce electricity consumption and put in place an action plan to achieve this goal
  • Update the plans of the facilities considering the needs of other professionals (design office, construction company, etc.)
  • Ensure compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations. Supervise environmental impact assessments according to Mongolian standards
  • Develop plans and technical specifications in accordance with current Mongolian regulations
  • Participate in the assessment of risks related to the installation and operation of power lines
  • Evaluate construction costs and timelines, manage budgets and resources for power line construction projects
  • Perform quality tests and inspections on electrical installations throughout the construction process

Qualifications and Experience

  • Degree in electrical engineering or a related field
  • Advanced expertise in power line construction
  • Strong knowledge of Mongolian electrical construction standards and regulations
  • Ability to design and develop plans and technical specifications for power lines
  • Project management skills, including planning, time tracking and resource management
  • Knowledge of technologies and materials used in power line construction
  • Ability to work in a team and effectively coordinate work with subcontractors and technical teams
  • Ability to solve problems and make decisions independently
  • Knowledge of environmental and sustainability issues related to the construction of power lines
  • Attention to detail, rigor, and compliance with safety standards
  • 6+ years of relevant work experience
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in Mongolian and English languages


  • Based in Ulaanbaatar (with frequent trips to field\site)
  • 5*2 days work schedule, (4 days office, 1 day remote work)

Compensation and benefits                             

  • Base salary
  • 13th salary annually
  • Medical cover of the employee and his family members
  • Travel\meal expenses
  • Annual trainings
  • Financing of sport activities

Please send your resume/CV to g-orn-hrbadrakhenergy@orano.group .

Company website: www.badrakhenergy.com

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